Butterfly Condiment Spoon

Butterfly Condiment Spoon

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Condiment Spoon with a butterfly finial

A beautiful, delicately textured condiment spoon, perfect for small amounts of salt, pepper, chilli flakes, herbs and spices.

This dainty little spoon has a butterfly on the end of a thin twig handle.

The perfect finishing touch to any dining table.

Butterfly meaning

Many cultures around the world associate butterflies with the well-being of our souls. They represent life, endurance, change and hope.

How much is a pinch of salt?

Most people didn’t have a spoon small enough, so a pinch of salt was originally defined as "the amount that can be taken between the thumb and forefinger". There are many differing opinions as to the exact quantity of a pinch of salt but either 1/16 or 1/8 teaspoon (0.3 or 0.6 ml) seem to be the most common.

If it helps, as a general rule there are two dashes in a tad, two pinches in a dash and two smidgens in a pinch. If not, our bee salt spoon holds 1.2 g (0.04 oz) of heaped salt, 0.6 g (0.02 oz) rounded and 0.4 g (0.01 oz) levelled.

The silver coloured Bee salt spoon is 8.7cm (3.5”) long and comes packaged with care and usage instructions inside an organza pouch

Hand crafted

Every butterfly salt spoon is handmade with solid polished lead free pewter which is non-tarnishing (that was the lead) and completely food friendly. Using solid metal means the surface of your butterfly condiment spoon will never flake or rust, to clean just wash with warm soapy water.

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